Lady Gaga Fans Left Oak Room ‘Starstruck’

18 Jan

‘It’s like seeing Madonna in 1984,’ a fan tells MTV News about singer’s surprise set at New York City spot.
By Jocelyn Vena

Lady Gaga performs at the Oak Room
Photo: Lauren Suss

On Wednesday night, Lady Gaga played an intimate mini-set at New York City hot spot the Oak Room. And while she only played two songs, one fan at the Plaza Hotel venue tells MTV News that Gaga left everyone in the room completely “starstruck.”

“People were actually very into it; they were very calm and collected and starstruck at the same time,” little monster Ashley Rosner recalled of the show, which she accidentally stumbled into. “It was an excited crowd, but a reserved crowd. They wanted to respect her.”

Rosner and her pals walked into the show when they happened to catch a glimpse of Gaga through one of the Oak Room’s windows. The singer, wearing a black S&M-style dress and garters, was seated at a table with her entourage. “We were standing 20 feet away from her,” Rosner said. “I am a huge Lady Gaga fan. It was amazing being there and seeing her up close. It’s like seeing Madonna in 1984.”

A rep for the club noted that not only did Gaga sing, but she also hung out with her boyfriend as well. “So every Wednesday at the Oak Room, we have a jazz night with Brian Newman, and Lady Gaga and Brian are old friends. So she came once before to support him and it turned out she’s obsessed with the room and it’s the only place she’ll play impromptu for free,” the rep revealed.

“She loves the space and came there in her getup. She came there with her boyfriend, Luc Carl, and when they first got there, Brian was playing Sinatra songs and she was dancing and singing. Everyone was dancing and cheering and hanging out. She said she felt bad for the horses outside because it was cold. She told the owner that she’d be back in the near future.”

In addition to singing “Someone to Watch Over Me” and “Orange Colored Sky,” the star also chatted with the audience from onstage. “She has such a cute New York accent,” Rosner said. “She did talk a little bit. She was just having fun with it. You’d think she was getting paid a million dollars for it.”

“Everyone was really calm and collected; everyone was really cool. No one was going crazy and screaming,” Rosner’s pal, Lauren Suss, added. “It almost felt like I was just at a jazz bar, not at a Lady Gaga concert. There weren’t a lot of people there; probably under a hundred people. She [joked] that she got a little vodka on someone in the crowd.”

After her brief performance, according to Rosner, Gaga “hung for about another 10 to 15 minutes and then she got up to leave. She went out the side door and there was a Rolls-Royce and an SVU waiting for her … I think she got into the Rolls-Royce.”

What intimate venue do you hope Lady Gaga performs at next? Let us know in the comments!

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